General Policies


Association of Person Affected by Addiction adheres to Rule §354.3157 and as a training entity and abides by the outlined application process.


Peer Specialists Training


Peer Specialists Minimum Qualifications (per Texas Administrative Code SECTION 354.3051)

  • A peer specialist must:
    • be at least 18 years of age;
    • have lived experience;
    • have a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED);
    • be willing to appropriately share his own recovery story with recipients;
    • be able to demonstrate current self-directed recovery; and
    • pass criminal history and registry checks as described in §354.3201 of this subchapter (relating to Criminal History and Registry Checks).

First-Come, First-Serve

Association of Persons Affected by Addiction admits all applicants who meet the minimum required criteria on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Nondiscrimination Policy 

Admission decisions will be made without regard to the applicant’s race, color, disability, sex, religion, creed, national origin, or age.


Supervision Training


Supervision Training Requirements

This 2-day training meets the requirements for people seeking the Peer Specialist Supervisor Certification under Texas Administrative Code, Rules 354.3105, and 354.3163. The certification qualification is necessary for organizations planning to bill Medicaid using the newly established Peer Services billing code. This training provides basic information that will benefit anyone providing direct supervision to Peer Specialists.

Upon completion of the training, and passing of a knowledge assessment, participants will be required to apply directly to the Texas Certification Board for credentialing.  

Application for Training 

  • A completed application
  • Proof of completed orientation/attestation or Core Training/knowledge assessment 
  • Proof of identification, i.e. driver’s license, ID, passport, etc. 

Application Review 

Applications are reviewed internally to ensure the participants meet the minimum enrollment criteria as described under the admission section. 

An applicant will receive notification of the decision within 60 calendar days of the training entity receiving the completed application. If applicable, the notice will include the reason for denial and instructions on how to file an appeal of the decision.  Per Texas Administrative code, an applicant who is not approved for training may file an appeal per §354.3303 of this subchapter (relating to Peer Specialist or Peer Specialist Supervisor: Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of Certification or Renewal). 

Appeal Process

An applicant may submit a written request to APAA via email to training@apaarecovery.org. Once APAA receives your appeal, we will review and process your appeal and let you know a decision within 30 days of receiving your appeal. 


Association of Persons Affected by Addiction will adhere to Rule §354.3153 and as a training entity and will abide by the outlined application/review process.

Applicant(s) applying to become an instructor under the training entity will meet the following requirements by submitting:

  • A completed application
  • Proof of certification in (1) or all endorsement related to any supplemental training being provided by the training entity
  • Training entity will verify that the instructor(s) is a certified peer specialist in good standing and has the endorsements related to the supplemental training prior to instructor training
  • The applicant will apprentice three (3) supplemental endorsement training with an experienced instructor prior to facilitating training(s) independently
  • APAA will offer instructor training for those seeking to become an instructor 


An instructor who has been consistently providing peer specialist training in the two years before the initial effective date of Rule §354.3153 may apply to be approved as an instructor and may only provide supplemental training in the areas of specialty for which they have historically provided training.

Program Completion

Participants are required to complete the number of contact hours, class materials and knowledge assessment to be considered complete. Upon successfully completing the class the instructor will administer a knowledge assessment. Participants MUST achieve a 70% or higher score to receive a certificate of completion. Results will be emailed or postal mailed to the participant.

Participants who are absent on the day of the knowledge assessment will be allowed to take a “Make-up” at the next available assessment date.  Participants are required to make arrangements with the instructor to schedule their “make-up” session.

Participants will also sign the applicable ethical standards and complete a survey, providing feedback on the class, instructor, and facility.

If a participant does not pass the knowledge assessment the first time, they will have two (2) attempts to pass. To retake the knowledge assessment, it is $25 per attempt. 

Certificate of Completion

Upon successfully completing the class participants are issued a certificate of completion signed by the instructor. In the event a participant loses their certificate(s), they may request a reprint for $5 per certificate.





The main campus facility meets the minimum ADA requirements.

It is the policy of the Association of Persons Affected by Addiction to provide appropriate accommodations for all participants. Through partnerships with local colleges and other providers, these services are contracted to meet the participant’s needs. In the event we are unable to accommodate the training entity, we will work with other approved training entities to provide enrollment in a class.

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