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It’s real. Simple & plain. We’re all in the same recovery boat, trying to be better and have a better life.

APAA was founded in 1998 as a 50l(c)3 tax exempt organization and quickly garnered national recognition as a Recovery Community Organization (RCO). In 2013, APAA became the first RCO in Texas to receive national accreditation from the Council on Accreditation of Peer Support Services. We serve persons who are in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use, many with co-occurring mental challenges. We are not a clinical service provider. Rather, APAA’s operational model is peer-driven and peer-led, meaning that all “coaches” who work with clients (peers) seeking recovery as well as all staff are themselves persons in long term recovery.

APAA’s goals are focused on permanently changing the lives of people seeking recovery, thus eliminating the “revolving door” of addiction. We know that sustainable, successful recovery is more than abstinence from alcohol and drugs; it is about building a full, productive life in the community. For the people we work with, this may seem like an overwhelming task. Many have burned the bridges that allow for a contingency plan—their families may no longer be willing to lend a hand or open their doors, employers may not rehire, and physical health may have deteriorated.

History of APAA: 

1998 – One of the first 20 SAMHSA/CSAT/RCSP, Recovery Community Support Projects Peer to Peer grantee in U.S.

2003 – APAA Initiated Peer Coaching and Peer Support Groups

2007 – First Recovery Community Organization/Peer Provider to bill an Manage Care Company North Star/Value Options Medicaid in Texas

2010 – National “America Honors Recovery” recipient by Faces and Voices of Recovery

2010 – Received Faces and Voices of Recovery Award for service as one of the Founding Board Members for the first 8 years

2012 – CAPRSS-Council on Accreditation for Peer Recovery Support Services

2013 – APAA Host the National Faces and Voices of Recovery Leadership Academy

2015 – APAA receives the HRSA Award to train 400 Peer Mentors in Texas to coach ages 16 -25.

2016 – APAA Host the Largest Big Texas Rally for Recovery ever held in Texas with 4000 attendees to eliminate Stigma, Silence and Shame


APAA facilitates priceless opportunities for a person to impact the recovery and hope of other people.

For a wholistic approach to recovery, taking care of your mind, body, spirit and emotions is important.



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