Association of Persons Affected by Addiction

Peer to Peer Recovery saves lives

Our Mission:


APAA will educate all segments of the community about the nature of addiction/mental health recovery and provide recovery support services to individuals, families and the community.

Who We Are

The Association of Persons Affected by Addiction (APAA) is a leading Recovery Community Support Organization that encourages and support personal recovery by offering non-clinical peer to peer assistance.

APAA staff members standing in front of a sign
APAA workers working

What We Do

We provide culturally congruent peer-driven and peer-led recovery support services for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.


We are committed to providing access to the best recovery resources to individuals, families, and community members.

A Story of Transformation

"We are the subject matter experts on recovery because we have experienced years of addiction and mental health and now experience years of recovery"
joe powell president and CEO of APAA
Joe Powell
President and CEO

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